Sunday, 22 May 2011

Learning prepositions of place

Hi guys!.

Here you go a list of link to practise and improve your use of the prepositions of place. I hope you find it useful.
1.- Tidy up your room !. Drag and drop each object into the right place. A fun game to practise prepositions of place ( in, on, under, next to, over' ) and general vocabulary (bedroom, furniture...).
3. Where´s the mouse?. Enjoy finding the mouse in the picture.
4.- Basketball game.In order to win the basketball match you have to choose the best preposition for each sentence.
5. The Yip Yip Monster. A fun activity for you on the living room and prepositions.
6.- Where´s the Llama Llama?. Llama Llama is playing hide and seek. Can you help Mummy Llama find the little Llama?.

7.- Watch this video " The book is on the table".


Anonymous said...

big like! - thanks .