Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Design your pop star

Hi everyone. Now design your popstar.It´s a real funny activity.Your popstar could make it-or break it.It all depends on if you match your star to your message! Popstars can send different messages depending on their look,music style and lyrics.
-First click on "create your own pop star" -Pick the message you want to send. -Give your popstar a name. -Design a look for your star.Try to make the look match the message. -Choose the song.Make sure the beat,instrument track and lyrics you choose match the images. - Watch the show. - Share the concert.
You´ve got three posibilities:
-Let the world enjoy your popstar by submitting your song to the chart.Other people can watch it, rate it, and guess your pop star´s message.
- Download the concert to your computer and enjoy it over and over again.
- Send an e-mail to a friend.