Saturday, 13 March 2010

Irish Heritage.

Hi kids,
Next week on March 17th Irish people from all the world celebrate St.Patrick´s Day. This slideshow is about some Irish traditions. Here you can learn vocabulary related with this festival.

And some activities and games to discover St.Patrick´s Day, the most important Irish festival:
- Four Limericks: A man with a 4-Leaf Clover, A fellow named Ben, A flautist named Knute, St.Patrick´s Day Blues. But What are limericks?.  What would St.Patrick´s Day be without limericks?.  These silly five-lines poems originated in Ireland in the 18th century.
- Leprechaun Matching Game: Match the Leprechauns. There are four cute pictures. Try to match the sets of two in twelve clicks or less. You won´t be needing the luck of the Irish. You can do it on your own!
- Irish Lass Dress Game: Dress the lovely lass in traditional garments. Of course, in green.