Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Geronimo Stilton, the little mouse with big adventures.

Hi kids !.
You love Geronimo Stilton books and once you start reading you don´t want to stop. These books based on the adventures of the famous journalist Geronimo Stilton and his young nephew Benjamin are international bestsellers. Geronimo would prefer spend his days reading or playing chess , but adventure always comes knocking on their door.

Surfing the web , I found this very cool interactive site where you can take a tour on New Mouse City, Peek around in Geronimo´s house, see what´s happening at the Rodent´s Gazette, play games and much more.
Are you ready? To visit New Mouse City click on Geronimo´s picture. Then it´s neccesary to write your name and select a country to meet Geronimo in New Mouse City. Here you can:
- Meet the Stilton family.
- Play along with Geronimo.
-Decide which place you would like to visit: Geronimo´s house, the Rodent´s Gazette, Library, Town Hall, Singing Stone Plaza, Funfair.
When you finish your visit to Mouse Island, click here to read some comics .
Do you want to be a reporter like Geronimo ? Make your own newspaper . Be a reporter, just like Geronimo . Tell the stories of your awesome adventures by filling in the spaces below.
And finally take a look at this video. It´s one of the best Geronimo Stilton video in English around the web. HAVE FUN!.


Anonymous said...

I love Geronimo.Thank you teacher.

Anonymous said...

my favorite book is Geronimo Stilton.I like Geronimo it,s funny

Lucas 3A