Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Animal adventure.

Hi my dear pupils!
These days we´re learning about animals at school. Can you help these animals in "Animal Adventure"?. Have fun with these wild games and interactive books.
- Help the animals get home in time for tea.Have fun learning about the animals in Animal Adventure.
- Cheetah Rock Game- Become a cheetah and find some of the challenges and threats that cheetahs encounter in the wild. Good luck!.
-Hide and Beak Game - Become one of ZSL London Zoo´s hummingbirds and fly around the tropical bird house collecting flowers that appear in the sunshine. Collect more flowers that the other birds to win.

- Animals jigsaws. How fast can you complete these special animal jigsaws?.
- Birdhouse Boogaloo. A story by Rosemary Shawyer . Follow the adventures of Annie and friends as they get ready for the coolest party at the zoo.You can read along or just sit back and listen to Annie´s special story.
- An A to Z of Amazing Animals . An awesome book. Take a trip through the animal kingdom with artist Ciaran Buffy´s beautifully drawn "A to Z of Amazing Animals " . What is it an aardwolf or a beluga? . Flip the pages of this special book to see how Ciaran has made some unusual animals come to life.
- Watch videos, make animal masks , watch stories from the zoo, adopt an animal if you and your parents want .You can do all these things and more visiting online the London Zoo.


Aurora Jove said...

Hi Carmen,
Some teachers awarded my blog "Think in English" with a stamp called "It’s worth keeping an eye on that blog".
As part of the initiative I have had the honour to
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* Your blog and the other ones in our WORKSHOP is one of them. In my opinion, your blog is well worth visiting so I have mentioned and linked it.
Now, you can take part in this activity by following the previous instructions. If you think that it is worth doing it, of course :-)
Thanks, Carmen for sharing your great work.
See you soon ;-)
A virtual kiss :-*)

Carmen Casanova said...

Thank you for leaving a comment!.Carmen