Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Can anyone tell me why?

Hi again!.
Can anyone tell me why? .Why do Monkeys swing in the trees and Flamingos stand on one leg?. Why do Lions roar and Cocks crow? .Why do zebras have stripes, Leopards spots, Rhinos horns and Camels humps? .With Tinga Tinga Tales you can find out the answers.
The Monkey and his friends Elephant, Tortoise, Tickbird, Hippo and Lion capture the interest and imagination of children who love to learn and understand about cultures other than their own.
The series is made in Nairobi in Kenia and hand painted by local artist before been imported into computers for animation.
1- Find out why? ( find out why Hippo has no hair ,why monkeys swing on trees.....).
2.-Watch Tinga Tinga videos.
3.- Make your own animal. Play " What in Tinga Tinga is that? Click on the parts you want to change.

Sing along with the monkey and all of his friends as you watch the opening sequence to the animated series Tinga Tinga.
Can you tell me what´s your favourite character? Describe it, please.
Enjoy watching these videos. They´re amazing.