Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Let´s create a cool collage.

Hi guys!.
Get busy! Get going! Get creative!. Making a collage is fun, easy, and creative!. A collage is a technique of composing work of art by pasting on one surface numerous materials not usually associated with each other. You are going to make a collage to represent who you are. What kind of things do you like?. Click on the photo and create your own piece of art .

This collage represents the word " School ". Do you like it?. With this version of the net.art generator you can create collages. Choose the title , write it , and click "create". The generation of your piece of art takes 1- 2 minutes. Have fun and become a net.artist !.
With " Collage Machine" you can create collages on line and experiment with different shapes to see the result. Then save or print your art.