Monday, 13 September 2010

Design your fashion magazine.

Hi guys!.
Designer´s World is a site that allows you to create your mini fashion magazine. Watch my magazine with this slideshow.
Ready to create your own magazine?
* Choose a season for your magazine. I chose fall( USA) or autumn (UK) .
* Design your cover.
Click to select your model, choose the magazine name, the magazine tagline (opcional) and your model name. Do you like my cover ?.
* Dress the Mannequin to show the latest designs for the season.
Choose the photo for your model and fill out the form that describes your model´s life and preferences.
* Choose the elements you want to include in your fashion tips and hits. ( jewelry, hair and make- up , accesories).
* Select the fun stuff that you want to include in your magazine ( horoscopes, word games).
Finally, it´s time to print and assemble your fashion magazine. Use the " Back " button to make changes.
* Describe your top model answering the questions.
* Create a slideshow with the pages of your magazine.


Anonymous said...

Hola Mari, soy kuky, te mando este enlace que seguro tú tienes ya muy trillado...

Pero es que estamos con science dándole vueltas a las antiguas civilizaciones... Nos vemos en agosto ¿Verdad? Muchos, muchos besos.