Thursday, 16 September 2010

Make your own recycled puppet.

Hi guys!
Once upon a place in a time long time ago there was a magic suitcase. And of course , puppets inside!. Puppets are a wonderful learning tool because they encourage creative play and discovery. Imagination is everything .Now , get creative and make simple puppets from simple materials with the game " Make Do and Mend". The Makedoandmend story, puppets and artwork are by Alison Stockmarr.
Come on. Create your own version of the Makedoandmend characters.They´re so sweet. Pick a character from the suitcase. Click and drag all the bits you will need to make your puppet. Give it a name and tell us what kind of reycler you are. Save your creation and see the gallery.
* Describe your puppet. Choose one that you do and write about it. Do you like mine?.