Monday, 1 November 2010

Create a video with Megamind .

Hi kids! Megamind is coming!. But who is he?. He´s a brilliant and diabolical super-villain. Over the years he has tried to conquer Metro City. In November, I´m sure, you will be going to the cinema to watch this animated adventure film . But now , become a megastar with the Mega - Tizer and create a video with Megamind.Click " browse photos " and have fun.
1.- Upload a picture of your face and place it on Megamind´s body.
2.- Upload a picture of your friends and place them on Minion´s body or on Roxanne´s body.
3.- Choose your style by selecting your choice of lights, effects and staging.
4.- Choose your favourite music.
5.- Mega-Tize yourself.
6. Share your creation with everyone.
Visit here the official website to meet the characters, watch videos, play games...