Saturday, 27 November 2010

Talking Paintings.

Hi guys!.
What would the paintings say if they could talk?. Paintings come to life . Explore this gallery of talking Paintings and choose questions to each painting. Watch as the people in the painting come to life and tell you about themselves. Find out what they´re doing and how they´re feeling and you´ll discover the person behind the painting.Click on a painting to ask it some questions. Practice your listening and then write about these paintings and about these people.
Portrait of Mrs Catherine Smith and two of her daughters by James Tissot ( 1877).
Listen and answer these questions. I choose two paintings to start but there are more. To check your answers, you can turn subtitles ON.
1. Who are you?.
2.You loook very contented. Are you having a good day?.
3.Where are you?.
4. What are you going to do next?.

Napoleon crossing the Alps by Paul Delaroche ( 1850).
1. Who are you?.
2.Where are you right now?.
3. You don´t seem very happy, What´s wrong?.
4. What are you going to do next?.