Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Amazing animal games.

Hi, there!.

I´m here again with amazing animal games. At San Diego Zoo website you can find many interesting games to learn about wildlife.
1. Polar Bear Plunge. An awesome site for you. The PB Plunge helps educate you and your families on the challenges Polar Bear are facing due to climate change.
* Learn about the polar bears.
* Play games.
* Meet the bears.
* Watch the polar cam.
* Take a polar pledge. Pledge to decrease your environment impact and help the ice grow back.
2.- Elephant Odyssey Game: On this journey through time, you will learn the ways of mammoths and their modern day descendants, the elephants.
* Play the game. Let´s back 200.000 years and test your skills. Before starting, click on learn to play button.
* Meet the elephants.
* Watch videos.
3.- Build-A - Beast. Click on each of the animals parts to build your beast.
* Use the arrows on the side of the "parts windows" to scroll and see other parts to choose from.
* Click "Build a new Beast" to reset the game and start over. You can read a clue about the animals' body parts in the window when you move your cursor over the part. Look there for clues to the proper habitat for your beast.
* When you build a beast with all the right parts place it in the right habitat, you'll get "Congratulations," and a little more info about that animal.


girl games said...

Wow !! great one
I really loved to play online games and flash games.
These games are really very very amazing to me.
If anybody have online game site list and online games please provide a link to me also.