Friday, 28 January 2011

Create your own story in China.

Hi, kids!
How much do you know about China?. China is one of the world´s oldest civilizations. The Chinese writing system is also the world´s oldest. The Chinese have given the world some smart inventions like fireworks, kites, noodles, paper money and ice-cream. China is a huge country and has almost every type of climate: sandy deserts, freezing mountains tops, grassy plains and dense jungles.
When I went to China...... Create your own silly story.
* Make a selection from all 8 categories ( animal, location, food, flower, sound, object, liquid, symbol).
* Then, sit back and watch as your story come to life!.
* Click on the arrow to begin.
* At the end you can download instructions for symbols in Chinese ( peace, happiness, friendship...) .