Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Let´s meet Winter, the dolphin.

Hi, guys!.
Let´s meet to a courageous dolphin. Come with me to a virtual trip to an aquarium in Florida where Winter lives. Have you ever heard about Winter, the dolphin that received a prosthetic tail back in 2007?. He learned to swim again.He is the world´s first bionic sea creature.Visit from computer ganes that introduce you to Winter and ocean life.
1.- Sing a song along with Winter or one of her friends.If you have a microphone connected to your computer, you can record your track and share it with your friends.
2.- Make a video mashup. Make your own movie using video, images & sounds.
3.- Winter at the aquarium. See her with the underwater webcam.
4.- A slideshow about her story.
5.- Learn interesting facts about dolphins.
6.- Play games:
Ocean Jammer ( Create an ocean collage and make a song at the same time. Then you can send an ocean jam to a friend).
Winter´s Tail : An aquatic maze game.
Fish Finders: Match the fish patterns.

These are her brave friends.All the stories about these animals are true.
1.- Visit Miza, the gorilla .Miza and her mother were separated from the rest of their troop of nearly 30 gorillas. Sadly, it is believed that her mother was killed leaving Miza alone and frightened for several days in the jungle of Virunga National Park. Luckily, Miza's father, went looking for Miza. He rescued Miza and brought her back to live with her family.. Here you'll find recent news about Miza, ten ways to help the mountain gorillas and fun games for you to play now.
2. Visit Knut, the adorable little polar bear. When Knut was born, he was no bigger than a snowball and unable to care for himself. His mother didn't know how to take care of Knut and rejected him. Knut would have died if it weren't for a zookeeper who nurtured Knut and gave him the love and attention he needed to thrive. Here you will find videos, a day in the life of Knut...
3. Visit Owen & Mzee. In December 2004, a frightened young hippo, separated from his family by a devastating tsunami, bonded with an Aldabra tortoise called Owen as his own, and an inseparable bond was forged.Here there are lots of activities and games.
I hope learning lots of interesting facts about these brave animals.