Thursday, 24 February 2011

Cooking Games.

Hi, guys!.

New month, new unit. This time , the topic is FOOD. Here you´ve got some activities to create online funny faces with food and games to have fun and learn at the same time. Please, post your creations on your blog and describe it.
1.- Make your own pizza with Gus and Joe´s Agency listening Italian music at the same time.
To design your pizza has never been easier . Choose a topping, move the cursor over the pizza and click to apply.
Read the pizza book: Click here to learn how to make a delicious pizza.
2.- Make a healthy sandwich. Can you make a healthy sandwich in this game? .
3. Make a fruity face. Create a funny face with your favourite fruit or vegetables. Click on Let´s play to start your creation.
4.- Funny food Face. Decorate your plate by making a face out of foods.
5.- Create an apple people. Virtually carve an apple person!.
6.- Decorate a virtual cake.
7. Create your very own smiley cookie. Choose a cookie shape and choose the colour to select your cookie´s smiley face.
I hope you like these activities.