Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Valentine´s Day Activities.

Hi, guys!
February 14th is the day on which many countries around the world conmemorate the day of love and affection between close companions, friends and lovers. This is the day to offer sweets, chocolates, flowers and send greetings cards. The most traditional symbols include heart- shaped outlines, doves and the image of winged Cupid with his bow and arrow. Let´s celebrate this holiday of love with lots of fun things to do here.
1.- Design a Valentine´s heart. Use your mouse to drag the designs and decorations to the big white valentine heart.
2. Make a word mosaic. Write a comment, love quotes, Valentine´s Day vocabulary or poems in the shape of hearts or other symbols.I have made it at Imagechef with Valentine´s Day vocabulary.
Send a greeting or post on your blog.

ImageChef Word Mosaic - ImageChef.com

3.- Make visual poetry.Write comments,vocabulary, love quotes or poems in the shape of hearts.
4. - Create a collage with your Valentine´s photos at Photovisi. Photovisi is an online photo collage creation tool. You can use saved photos to add pictures to the collage. The finished result can be download or printed out. There are several collage templates to choose from. Choose your Valentine´s photos and make your own collage and post it on your blog.

5.- Make your own Valentine´s gift. It´s not too late to paint your gift. There are banks, plates, mugs, boxes....Do you like my mug with a red heart?.

6. Make your own engraved word bracelet as a perfect gift. It´s a fun game for boys and girls.
7.- Valentine Card Maker : Design, save and send animated Valentine's Day cards by dragging and dropping icons onto the stage.
Click the Animate button to animate the Valentine's Day card. Click the Save button (under the Tools tab) to download a JPG file of the Valentine's Day card.
8.-Create an animated card at Card Funk. ( Bee my Valentine). Put your photo on a cute bee looking for the perfect partner!.

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