Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Wild animals.

Hi guys,
Wild animals are a fascinating and joy-inspiring part of our world. We can learn so much by studying them and learning more about the habitats, food webs, and social communities to which they belong. I´ve made a selection of links to help you in our English class project about wild animals.
1.- The Great Habitat game. An animal´s habitat is its home.To find out more about a few endangered species and their habitats, try playing The Great Habitat Match-Up game.
2.- Search for your favourite animals at National Geographic Kids.This page provides links to information on 95 different animals from all over the world and this information is easy to read and understand.
3.-"Life Is" is an amazing site from the BBC. It’s part of television series on “the extraordinary things animals and plants do.”.
4.-Play the game : Animal body parts. Just point and click.
5. Animal articles, quizzes, facts and more activities at www. sheppardsoftware.com.
6. Make your own new animals at this virtual zoo!. Switch Zoo is the center of this site. You can visit nine different habitats and make new animals in each. While you play, you can read facts about each of the animals .
Task: Find information and write a post about your favourite wild animal.