Thursday, 10 March 2011

Daily routines.

Hi again!.
I´ve made a new slideshow to help you to learn English vocabulary. The new topic is daily routines. I hope it can be useful for you.

These are some games and activities that will help you learn the new vocabulary while having fun.
1.- Listen and complete the text. Click here to listen to a speaker talking about his daily routine.
2. Susan´s Daily routine- Sequencing exercise. Drag and drop numbers to the different text boxes to sequence the text and paragraph according to how Susan does these activities daily. Click Submit when you are done and if you are wrong, the correct sequencing will automatically appear. Pay attention to the use of the verbs : get up, walk, have dinner, go to bed etc.

3. - An easy game about routines.
4. Daily routine board game. With this interactive game you can practise the verb related to daily routine with your classmate or with your parents.
5.-Test yourself in a simple point-and-click game on daily routines at Purposegames.

6.- Watch this interesting cross curricular video " Susan laughs" and answer this question What does Susan do?.