Sunday, 20 March 2011

Hello spring!

Hi kids!.
Celebrate the arrival of spring with some fun activities that will out creativity.
1.- Create your flowers online on Click and drag to add petals to your flower.

2.- Design your own Charlie and Lola butterfly and see it fly in the Butterfly Gallery. Select a butterfly shape to colour in and watch it flutter into life in your very own butterfly gallery.
3.- Make your own face with leaves and flowers.Have fun making faces with lots of stuff from dirtgirl's garden.
4.- Stunt bugs. Can you make your own bug?. Just click and drag each piece to crea
te your bug.
5. Make a spring scene. Rain makes nature spring back to life. Drag the items into the shadow box ( backgrounds, animals, doodles, miscellaneous, plants and shapes) and create an awesome spring scene.