Monday, 14 March 2011

Adventures in Art with Pirates.

Hi again !.
Now I want to celebrate creativity and artistic expression with you. Enjoy with this activities about pirates and Art. Are you ready to make art like a pirate? . At Pirates: Adventures in Art you can choose different artistic activities ( paint pictures on a cave, paint a pirate, create a sea monster, create an amazing masterpiece with Leo and Cleo, build a pirate ship, create your own sculpture ). Click the piece of artwork that you want to use and drag onto your creation.
1. Pirate Painter.
2. Cave Painting Creator.

Leo and Cleo masterpiece.
4. Sea Monster Creator.
5. Pirate Ship Builder.
6. Sculp
ture Studio
Come on, be creative and make your own creations. Watch my own artwork. I had a great fun making these creative activities online. Then, share with us your work and post it on your blog.