Monday, 4 April 2011

Hop: Meet the Easter bunny

Hi kids!

Easter is coming up. And the Easter bunny is coming too. From the creators of Despicable me, Hop is a movie about candy, chicks and the Easter bunny.Hop is a comedy about the teenage son of the Easter Bunny.The storyline is that of a little bunny who doesn't really want to assume his duties of Easter Bunny, even though we all know that the job duties aren't too one day a year, travel the world, plenty of candy...what else could a bunny want?. He only wants to drum in a band and for this reason, he goes to Hollywood. Listen carefully to this video (subtitled) and share his dreams.

* Visit hi
s official website and play games.

* Be the Bunny game: Do you have what it takes to be the Easter bunny?. Choose the right answers.
* Candy Craze. Use the arrow keys to play . Collect all the candy as fast as you can.