Friday, 27 May 2011

Geronimo Stilton: Activities and Games

Hi kids!
Do you have a favourite book series at the moment?. I´m sure that you love Geronimo Stilton adventures. Geronimo's adventures encourage you to read, write, and think.

Welcome to the new Geronimo Stilton official website.
1. LOOK: recommended videos.
2.PLAY with Geronimo: Spot the difference, The hidden key, Investigation on four wheels...
3. READ: Read the first page of the return to the Kingdom of Fantasy.
4. WRITE: Write your article for the Rodent´s Gazette.
5. DRAW: Create your sketch. Do you like mine?.
6. LISTEN AND SING: Sing Geronimo´s song.
7. EXPLORE: The New Mouse City.Move around the roads and buildings of New Mouse City.

I hope you have fun.


Anonymous said...

Hello!I love geronimo stilton.Carmen i really liked this about geronimo stilton.Geronimo books are fun.See you!cristina 4c.

Carmen Casanova said...

Thank you very much, Cristina!. You are very nice!. A kiss.