Wednesday, 8 June 2011

A project: The sea

Hi guys!.
We are going to start a new project about the sea. Here you´ve got some activities to create your sea creatures and learn about sea animals.
1.- Create your own reef scene by choosing elements from the menus at the bottom. Then position them by dragging them around the stage. You can also change the layering of the objects by using icons that appears when you select a piece.When you have finished , click save and you´ll be able to download your scene.
2.- A song: I´m a sea star.
3.- Sea animals with pictures.
4.- Create your sea creatures at Origami Club.The Origami Club makes the art of folding paper child's play. Every origami design includes an image of the finished object, a diagram of each step, and a Flash-based animation to walk you through making your own paper-folded masterpiece.