Monday, 19 September 2011

The Beatles for kids

Hi guys!.

These days we´re learning the song " All together now" by The Beatles in our English classroom.But who were the Beatles?, Where were they from?.What was so special about them?.In the 1960s a new band known as the Beatles burst on the pop music scene and changed it forever. The Beatles, or the " Fab Four", were one of the most famous and popular bands in history of we now call " pop music". There are many Beatles songs that have been popular with young kids for decades. I think you like listening to the Beatles.This is a Glogster I created with some activities about this famous group.

1.- Listen to some of their famous songs.
2.-Find out
Who were the Beatles?.

3.-Beatles games.
4.- The Beatles graphic biography


Anonymous said...

I´m a fan of the Beatles. Thanks.