Monday, 31 October 2011

Countries of the world

Hi kids!

In our English class we are doing a project about Countries of the World : geography, maps, flags, statistics, photos and cultural information about some countries of the world .
Task: Choose one country and create your own Popplet.It is a virtual bulletin board where you can add images, text, videos, maps, and more to create a project . This application is easy to use. Just double click to add a "popple" box and add images, videos, or maps from your computer. Then once your project is complete, it can be embedded in your blog.
Here you can see an example .Click and scroll around to learn interesting facts about The United Kingdom.

* Click here to explore the world . Use " Cultures for kids" to explore different countries.
* Explore countries of the world with
National Geographic for kids.
Read facts, look at photos, and watch videos of countries of the world.