Sunday, 15 January 2012

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Hi, again !
January 16, 2012 is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This day celebrate a great American hero who taught us the values of service, nonviolence, equality, and justice. How many Peacemakers do you know?. Learn about one of the most important clicking here.
* Task :
After doing these activities and watching the video about his life & legacy, answer these questions:
1.- When was he born?
2.- What were the names of Martin Luther King´s family members?.
3.- When was he married?
4.- Did he have any children?.
5.- What were his dreams?.
6.- What did he study?
7.- What sort of discrimination did he fight against?
8.- When did he deliver his famous speech " I have a dream"?
9.- When did he die?
10. Where is he buried?