Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Year´s Eve in Times Square

Hi kids!.
Probably the most famous tradition in the United States is the dropping of the New Year ball in Times Square, New York City, at 11:59 P.M. Thousands gather to watch the ball make its one-minute descent, arriving exactly at midnight. The tradition first began in 1907. The original ball was made of iron and wood; the current ball is made of Waterford Crystal, weighs 1,070 pounds, and is six feet in diameter.
There are normally more than one million people in Times Square, not to mention the millions watching the ball drop on nationwide and even more people watching from around the world. Once the ball drops, 1 ton of confetti will be released over Times Square.
This New Year´s Eve , Lady Gaga & Mayor Bloomberg pushed the button for the drop ball from Times Square in New York as they celebrated and welcomed in the New Year 2012.
Have a happy, hopeful and optimistic 2012 !


Teresa said...

Happy New Year, Carmen!. Congratulations for your wonderful blog and thanks for sharing it!It's fantastic!
Teresa Ramil.

Carmen Casanova said...

Thanks for your comment, Teresa!. You´re a great colleague!.And your blog is fantastic too.
Carmen Casanova