Monday, 11 June 2012

The Brave Princess Merida

Hi kids,
The movie " Brave" introduces the female heroine, Merida. She is a clan princess who is unlike any other woman in her village. Equally adept at a bow as she is riding her massive horse, when faced with the prospect of marriage, she bucks tradition. She has flaming, curly red hair. I love her hair.
This new movie is set in the mysterious Highlands of Scotland and tells the tale of epic battles and mystical legends that have been passed down for generations.

Here you´ve got some activities to meet princess Merida :
1.- The official website of the movie lets us to meet the world of Merida : the characters, read the story, watch trailers.
2. She is Scottish. Scotland is one of those places that is full of mystery. Here you can learn about this land.
2.- In this tutorial, It will be showing you "how to draw Princess Merida from Brave", step by step.
3.- Draw your own version of Merida at Brave Digital Painter.