Monday, 14 January 2013

I'm Quite Unique (Celebrating Our Differences)

Hi guys,
Next January 30th is School Day of Peace and Non-Violence. I think Peace starts in the classroom. Respect for diversity is the starting point for peaceful co- existence. Let´s start to plant the seeds of PEACE: Exploring and celebrating our differences. If we learn to accept and respect each others´differences we can live together in PEACE.
1.- A video to inspire kids to celebrate their differences and appreciate what makes them unique.


2.-   A poem " I AM Me".


3.- A book: It´s Ok to be different by Todd Parr.
 I think this book is an excellent tool to work diversity with you in the classroom . In this book Todd Parr gives fun and playful examples of ways that people are different. I absolutely love  Todd Parr´s work, both in his books and his videos.
We are going to create our classroom book with our own ideas starting with the same sentence It´s OK....

4.-A  Song


Unknown said...

Great resources to work Peace at school.

Carmen Casanova said...

I greatly appreciate your comments and opinions. Thanks so much.