Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Happy Valentine´s Day !


Hi guys,
Practice your English with some fun Valentine´s Day activities. I have included videos , games, songs, riddles, infographics ...

1.-  The origins of Valentine´s Day ( words, sentences, paragraphs ) .
2.- Valentine Typing . A game.
3.- More games :  Play fun games, print and colour a pretty colouring page, make a craft for your Valentine in the Funschool Valentine´s Day Activity Center.

8.-  The story of Valentine´s day and other interesting facts at TodayIFoundOut.com. Today I Found Out is an interesting site based on the idea that you should try to learn something new every day. It has got daily interesting facts articles on a great variety of topics. 
10.- Animated Infographic Video

11.- Love Language

12: Up : Love Story


Happy Valentine´s Day . A big kiss to all of you!.