Thursday, 2 May 2013

Be active!

Hi kids,
Exercise is important . Daily activity is very important for you and is part of being a healthy child.
Which is your favourite game as an active kid ?.
* Listen to this girl to understand the importance of being active

Girl: Being active is the most fun because you don't feel like a couch potato or something so you don't feel like you've not done anything with your life and you also feel good about it when you've finished because it gives you like energy to keep going and stuff.

* Listen to this girl talking about her favourite games

Girl: I like all games but I do like hopscotch that is one my favourites and I quite like snakes and ladders as well......those are my two favourites

* A boy talking about his favourite game to play indoors.

Boy : The best game I like to play around the house is board games because you can have family together and it's a good time to bond with family.