Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Monsters University Creator

Hi guys,
Are you afraid of the dark, scared of monsters under the bed?. Are monster real ?. Don´t be afraid , Disney's Monsters University has created a fun page to create a monster . Create your own monster and write a short description using as many adjectives as you can. Thumbs up if you love creating scary monsters !
* Choose your monster.
* Choose your colour
* Customize your creation: hair, hats, horns, glasses, fangs, wings, eyelashes...
* Name your monster
* Share it: portrait, full body, University ID card.
This is my monster called Tro Axebite. Do you like it?. Is it scary or is it funny?.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link! Just saw the movie and it was great. Hoping to create some ronky ponky monsters with the site!