Monday, 9 September 2013

Understanding the Basic School Rules

Hi kids,
It’s that time again already: Back to school! Warm regards to you all, and a big welcome back to school. This is going to be an exciting new school year. Enjoy it and learn a lot!
We´re going to start learning some basic school rules.
WonderGrove Kids have created a fun group of characters to help you to learn through animation. They have taken simple daily lessons and made them into great videos, very colourful and fun to watch. Watch this fun video teaching you how to understand the basic school rules.

* Watch the video " Fun with school rules".
* What was your best first day of school ? and What was your worst first day of school? Please share! Enjoy watching this video : Nemo is a clownfish. He lives with his dad, Marlin, in the Great Barrier Reef. It’s Nemo’s first day at school and he is very excited.


* Elmo´s first day of school - Follow Elmo in this online learning game from Sesame Street. 
* Our own classroom rules.
  Classroom Rules on PhotoPeach