Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Winter is here!

It’s  wintertime!  At school we´re learning about clothes we wear in winter, winter weather,  fruits, festivals,  colours etc.


* Let´s play a game with a Winter name generator. What´s your winter inspired name?

Find the first initial of your first name in the list . That word is your winter first name. Then look at the list of the months below and find the month of your birthday. That word is your winter last name. For example, my name begins with a C and my birthday is in September, so my new winter name would be Gingerbread Boots.

* You always  have fun writing  acrostics. Now it´s the time to write our own winter acrostics. My favorite form of poetry is ACROSTIC POETRY. It is easy and a good critical thinking skill to get you to brainstorm lists of W words having to do with winter.

Here is a site that creates acrostic poems that you can print off when they are completed.