Sunday, 13 September 2015

" Back to School " concert with BlueSmoke Band

Hi all!
Last Friday, we were  invited to attend a cool Back-To-School concert with  four guys who call themselves "BlueSmoke". It was a fun way for all of us to really going back to school .We all had a great time listening to them . They are great !
We had the chance to listen to famous songs:
"What a wonderful world!"
"Stand by me"
"We will rock you"
"Don´t worry, be happy"
" Say something"
"All of me"
" Counting stars"

We learned the importance of learning English with songs too. We had to answer some questions:
Is English important?
Is English easy to learn?
Is your English good?
How do you learn English?
Do you want to be better at English?
And Brenda explained how to improve our English with songs.

Thank you so much for your visit, Brenda!!! And thanks a lot, BlueSmoke!