Saturday, 3 April 2010

Dancing with Mr Bean.

Hi guys. It´s time to learn to dance. We are going to learn with a funny teacher, Mr Bean. Click on the photo and play " Dancing Bean" . Here you make him boogie on down. Choose a scene and music and then click on his parts of the body . He will dance in different styles. Have FUN.

And now "Mr Bean dress up game ": Dress up Mr. Bean with lots of clothes to choose from to fit his personality.To start click on the image.
"Mr Bean´s game": Mr Bean is very funny. He´s always playing tricks. But can you imagine Mr Bean dressing like these very familiar characters like Superman, Batman , The Incredibles, Transformers and Super Mario ? Can you even imagine how will it be if Mr Bean has a Batman´s head, yet dressing like super Mario? Let´s play this super game and find out the answer. Come on. Try not to laugh too hard!.