Saturday, 3 April 2010

Playing with shadows.

Hello children. Say goodbye to the holidays .Tomorrow we´ll start the last term.You must work hardly. But now what do you think about playing with puppets and shadows?.You can make your own shadow puppet play.
Shadow puppets is an ancient Art.Folktales, fables and legends are popular on the shadow screen in any culture and time period.With only a puppet, a screen, and light, shadows are transformed into magical words.
Try your hand at the art of shadow puppetry. You can read more about this art but you have to go to the Puppet Studio to start your own Show.In the Puppet Studio , you can pick the parts for a puppet and watch your unique puppet come alive in four steps:

First step: Select your puppets.Using the menus to the left, select the location, characters and props for your puppets show by dragging them to their appropiate spaces below.

Second step:Give your puppets something to do, select a series of two types of movements for each puppet.
Third step: Place your puppets and props by dragging.

Fourth step: Choose music and a title.
And finally watch the show.Remember it´s only an introduction to this ancient art in Asia.