Thursday, 2 September 2010

Let´s meet the Minions.

Hi guys!

Do you know who is Gru?. Gru wants to be the world´s SUPER VILLAIN in the film " Despicable me" . He wants to steal the Moon, yes "the Moon". But the thing that really catches our heart are his assistants: THE MINIONS!. Do you want to meet the Minions ?.
* Minion Maker. I have created a Minion to join to Gru´s Minion Army. Now, it´s your turn. Create your very own Minion , share online and save in the minion gallery for others to view.This is my own Minion . His name´s Miniguy. He´s very cute and he´s "Minion of the Month " too.

I've created a Minion to join Gru's Minion army.

* Minion Dominion: Tell Gru´s minions what to do and they do it. Type commands using your keyboard and they will respond to: do acrobatics, jump in the air, do karate, boogie, do the moonwalk, go crazy, hug each other, fly, play ping pong, breakdance, blow kisses, scream, go to sleep, d0 a headstand, pull his arm, shake your body, giggle, stick out your tongue, jump, sing...
* A storybook video of " My Dad the Super Villain" , based on the film and read by Miranda Cosgrove .
* Minion Making Copies : Customize your own photocopy with the help of the minions. Upload a photo, customize the image and share you video.
If you aren´t familiar yet with this animated film ," Despicable me", have a look at this playlist. ENJOY!.