Thursday, 2 September 2010

Vincent Van Gogh and "The Bedroom".

Hi kids!
Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch painter whose work was considered Post-Impressionist. He is known for his vivid colours and emotional impact. This application lets you to play with one of his famous paintings " The Bedroom".
The photo on the right reproduces his original painting. In a letter to his brother he wrote " the walls are palet violet, the floor is of red tiles, the wood of the bed and chairs is the yellow of fresh butter, the sheets and pillows are light greenish citron.The coverlet scarlet. The window green.The toilet table orange.The basin blue.The doors lilac".
*Can you describe it?.The bedroom is small. There is a big bed and a little table in the corner...
The other photo is a fashionable version of this famous bedroom. Which one do you prefer?. Why?.
Now, play clicking on the photos.
- Join the dots.
- Colour and print.
- Decorate a fashionable bedroom.
- Decorate Van Gogh´s bedroom on line.
Perhaps this video can you help you. Pay attention and play with this funny application.
The other video is a tribute to this great painter. ENJOY with ART.