Thursday, 4 November 2010

" It´s a book"

Hi kids!
Reading is magical. You can travel to new worlds, open your mind, get pleasure, develop your critical thinking, think creatively etc. No matter how many electronic devices are avaliable these days, we can´t deny the simple appeal of a good book.
"It´s a book" is a children´s book by Lane Smith that helps teach kids about books in an electronic world.
Monkey is reading a book , when his friend wants to know what is it. He is using his laptop and wants to know what else the book can do..... Does it have a mouse? . Can you blog with it? . Can it tweet?. Does it make loud noises?. Does it need a password? . Can it make the characters fight?. Watch a sneak preview on the book and answer these questions.I like this video very much. I hope you like it too.