Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Christmas Fun.

Hi, my dear pupils!.
Here are some fun activities that you can do online :
1.- North Pole Dancing : Tell Santa what dance moves to perform clicking on the options. Drag gumdrops from the options into the jar to create a sequence for him to follow. For extra fun, upload your own photo.
2.- Elf interviews: Why do they want to work as elves? . Listen carefully and find out.
3.- Everything´s a reindeer : Browse a gallery of hilarious holiday pictures or upload and create your own, then, share the fun!.

4.- Guess my gift. What gift or present do you want ?. Imagine a gift you would like to receive this season. The magic gift box will show you the gift you´re wishing in just twenty questions. It´s true, be patient.Have a gift in mind?.
5.-Santa dress up. Imagine him saying Ho, ho, ho!.
6.-Make Christmas dolls .A dress up game for you.
I hope you have a great time.