Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Design your own Eco Bag

Hi again!.
Let´s create Eco Bags online.This earth- friendly activity is a great way to help build environmental awareness in our classroom.
1.- Specific the dimensions of your bag by settings the height, weight and depth using the sliders.
2.- Choose the colour of your bag´s body.
3.- Specifiy the handle type you require for your bag.
4. Upload your logo . Use these slogans : Think before you buy!, Save energy!, Keep the world clean !, It´s up to you!, Let´s make a difference!, I´m ecofriendly!, Reduce, reuse and recycle!, Stop global warming!, Consume Less, Conserve!, We belong to Earth!, Global warming isn´t cool !, Reuse that plastic bag!, Keep your oceans clean!, Save the rainforest! , or create your own slogan and choose a picture.
5.- Post on your blog , describe it and write about your photo or slogan.