Sunday, 24 April 2011

Environmental Websites for kids

Hi kids!.
This is my selection of environmental websites for you.

1.- Eekoworld invites you to explore, experiment, and collaborate as you learn about conservation and environment.
* You can build your own " EekoCreature" and help it overcome environmental problems.
* EekoHouse: It´s time to get ready to go to school. Look around the house to be sure everything is OK before you leave. You´ll have ten minutes before the bus arrives.
2.- Eco- kids offers interactive, fun , educational games and activities to learn to be ecofriendly.This game is an example:
* I don´t want to clean my room. Help the girl clean her room and learn how to reuse and recycle objects around the house.
3. Planet game :Charlie and Lola : Look after your planet game. Charlie and Lola are on a recycling mission. Help Charlie and Lola and their friends collect plastics, paper and tins for recycling. Compete with your friends and see who can recycle the most!.
Enjoy and learn at the same time!. Don´t forget " We love green" and "I want to do recycling... pass it on"